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Group Rides

Join Us for a Spin

A ride for every type of rider! We support the sport with a choice of multiple types of rides almost every day of the week, led right from our door. VéloCity staff lead these varying levels of rides, so whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned pro, we have a ride for you! We rank our rides beginner (14-16 mph), moderate (16-19 mph), and hard (19+ mph).

Group Riding Guidelines

Weekly Group Rides


Recovery Ride* (beginner pace; all level riders encouraged to join) – Monday @ 6pm


Lac Labelle Looper* (moderate+) – Tuesday @ 5:30pm

Ride to Centennial Park (hard) – Tuesday @ 5:30pm


Midwest Cycling Network Ride** (moderate) – 3rd Wednesday @ 3pm

Showdown Ride (hard-race pace) – Wednesday @ 6pm

Fritz’s HandleBar Hangers Ride* (moderate) – Wednesday @ 6pm

Tour de Friends Ride* (moderate) – Wednesday @ 6pm


Dad’s Ride (hard) – Thursday @ 6am

Owner’s Ride* (moderate+) – Thursday @ 6pm

Tour de Friends Ride* (beginner) – Thursday @ 6pm

*No drop

**Network at the HandleBar 4:30-5:30pm

Note: the Lac Labelle Looper and Owner's Ride feature a B group of riders that depart 30 mins early and maintain an easier pace than the A group.

Upcoming Rides & Events

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