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Bike Fitting

Improve Comfort & Performance

VéloCity doesn’t leave you on your own after we’ve found your dream ride – we have a formulated bike fitting process to make sure your bike is customized to your unique specifications. Come experience the difference a proper fit can make!

Why Bike Fitting Matters

A proper fit provides maximum comfort on your bike to allow you to ride longer and stronger. It also reduces joint pain to enable you to ride for many years. At VéloCity, we utilize the state-of-the-art Retül system for our bike fittings.

Three Levels of Fit

Basic Four
Point Fit
(30 to 45 Minutes)


  • Adjust saddle height
  • Adjust saddle fore/aft position
  • Assess and adjust upper body position

Retül Match Advanced
Bike Fit
(Up to 2 Hours)


  • Assess, adjust handlebar and stem (give stem and handlebar recommendations)
  • Adjust saddle fore and aft, angle (give saddle recommendation)
  • Assess and adjust shoe/cleat Angle
  • Parts and accessories sold separately
  • Retül Match recommendations

Retül Vantage
Pro Fit
(Up to 3 Hours)

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  • Advanced Bike Fit plus:
  • Pre-fit physical assessment
  • Advantage 3D Motion capture
  • Data capture and storage
  • Parts and accessories sold separately

Why Retül?

Retül is an inspirational, immersive and modern experience for riders. Our technology is used to collect and analyze data to help retailers and fitters advise riders and help them make the best product decisions to increase comfort, prevent injuries and improve performance. Ready to schedule your fit?

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If the Shoe Fits

For maximum power transfer on the road or trail and for exceptional comfort on a spin bike, we recommend clipless cycling shoes and pedals. With stiffer soles and the ability to click into and out of your pedal system easily, cycling shoes make your ride and your workout more efficient, more effective, and more comfortable. Never get stuck in a toe cage again!